Canadian National C-44 Diesel Engine
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New in 2016!!

The C44 is the most prolific heavy freight locomotive in use in North America.   It is made by GE in the United States.   It has many variations under the C44 name.   We have chosen to model our toy after the C44-9W.

Our C44 toy is over 7 inches long, while our GP-38 engine is 5 inches long.
Even with its extra length, our C44 can still go through the small curves, even small “S” curves.
 It is slightly taller than our GP-38 engine.
It has 12 wheels vs 8 on the GP-38 engine.
It DOES NOT go up or down the steep grades (hills).   We have a grade track in the works to accomodate the C-44 ...


Whittle Shortline Railroad's handcrafted railcars are made from reforested birch
hardwood offering durability unmatched durability.  Our attention to detail on each wooden train
component has entertained both children and collectors for years. All Whittle
Shortline Railroad trains are compatible with Thomas, Chuggington and Brio and
proudly made in Kirkwood, MO.

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Canadian National C-44 Diesel Engine

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